Employee Life insurance

Employers and employees have the same concerns: “What will become of my family and loved ones after I’m gone?”

Will they be able to maintain their current standard of living? Will their children be able to attend college? And what about retirement plans? A life insurance plan from AIS will give your employees the peace of mind knowing that the special people in their lives won’t have to deal with any financial burdens in the event of their deaths.

Life insurance plans give employees the means to provide their beneficiaries with financial security after they’ve passed.

AIS provides employers with the following types of life insurance for their employees


Term life insurance

Term Life Insurance is the most basic form of employer paid life insurance. It’s inexpensive and easy to get – no medical exams or questionnaires are required. Term life insurance pays a death benefit only.

Whole life insurance

Whole life insurance policies have the potential to earn dividends, adding to the value of the policy while the insured is still living and increasing the death benefit for their beneficiaries. Whole life insurance is more expensive than term life insurance, because it covers the policy holders for the rest of their life.

Universal life insurance

Universal life insurance plans offer you and your employees the flexibility to adjust premiums and death benefits.
A Universal life insurance plan includes features like guaranteed protection and cash value accumulation.

Variable universal life (VUL) insurance

A variable universal life insurance plan gives its holders the flexibility to adjust their policy according to their needs. With a VUL policy you and your employees can invest the funds into stocks and bonds, growing the value of the plan while you are alive and providing increased death benefit to beneficiaries.

A quality life insurance policy will enable you to continue to care for your loved ones even after you’re gone. AIS wants to make sure you get the most beneficial life insurance plans for yourself and your employees. Contact us to schedule a consultation with one of our representatives. As an independent insurance agency, we can offer you the widest selection of plans at competitive prices. We make it easy for you and your employees to guarantee the financial security of your beneficiaries after you’re gone.