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AIS Advantage Inc. is a nationally recognized, fully licensed insurance company. Our multi-phase approach allows us to develop, implement and administrate the healthcare benefits plan that best achieves your goals:


We begin the process by analyzing and evaluating your current insurance benefits, resources and budget projections, as well as any unique services your benefits plan may require.


We provide complete support when it comes to the planning, implementation and funding..


We then present you with quotes from multiple insurance providers, discussing alternatives and helping you choose a package that delivers the most cost effective healthcare solutions.

Customer Care

We’re here to provide expert customer care and support services today and tomorrow.

Our Insurance Plans

AIS Advantage Inc. has been helping employers all over the US get quality healthcare for their employees for over 10 years.

The best healthcare coverage from top insurance providers

We provide your employees with access to the top insurance providers including:

    • Aetna
    • Blue Cross Blue Shield of Texas
    • Cigna

Do you need individual life insurance?

Think about it. What would your family do in the event of your death? Would they be able to pay their bills? What about your children’s education – will they still be able to go to college?

Life insurance isn’t for you, it’s for your beneficiaries, the loved ones you left behind. A good life insurance plan will enable you to continue to provide for your family and loved ones even if after you’re gone.

AIS Advantage provides affordable individual life insurance policies to its customers. We’re an independent insurance company which means we can shop around a get you the best coverage at the lowest prices.


AIS Advantage makes top dental insurance plans available to individuals and who aren’t covered under employer group plans.

Dental Insurance is important to maintaining good health

Everyone wants a healthy attractive, smile. Daily brushing and flossing, a healthy diet and regular dental checkups are the best ways to maintain a beautiful smile and prevent minor dental problems from becoming major health issues.  Serious conditions, such as heart disease and diabetes, can often be identified in their early stages through regularly scheduled oral screenings.

AIS Advantage Dental Insurance provides quality individual dental insurance plans at rates that are guaranteed to make you smile! We offer you and your family a wide selection of great plans at competitive prices from some of the best Dental Health Providers. And our team of professional agents are here to answer any questions you may have and provide support when filing a claim.


AIS Advantage deliver comprehensive and affordable life insurance plans to individuals and their families.  We sell first class plans from reliable healthcare provider networks, allowing you to purchase an individual insurance plan at group rates.

Open your eyes

Unfortunately, blindness and other types of vision impairment are a common disability in the United States. Many factors, including age and health, can have an impact on a person’s vision. Regular visits to an optometrist are crucial to maintaining healthy vision. Vision insurance should be a part of every individual healthcare plan.


AIS Advantage Inc. is a trusted provider of comprehensive health and travel insurance plans for international and domestic students attending colleges and universities in the US. Our insurance policies give you no hassle access to excellent medical care and treatment along with protecting you from outrageous medical bills.

It’s important to get student medical insurance coverage

Here’s some of the reasons students need medical insurance coverage:

  • In many countries, the government provides healthcare to its citizens. In the US an individual is responsible for purchasing his own insurance.
  • The costs for even a minor medical emergency can cost thousands of dollars.
  • Being enrolled in a health insurance plan is often a mandatory requirement for many schools and colleges.
  • To be in compliance with the ACA

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